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Made in America is a term that should be taken seriously. 

Caledonian Heart was established in 2009 after Annie, Leigh and Erin traveled to Scotland for The Homecoming and fell in love with Annie's idea to bring Scottish Tartan's into everyday life. Ever a Scot, she wanted the items designed at Caledonian Heart to be practical, durable and lovely all at once. After getting our feet wet with computer totes, we are happy to announce our line includes custom baby booties, purses, backpacks and more. The Tartan has a unique history in Scotland and has for years been a symbol of both heritage and pride. Where will you take your Tartan today?

Mary Douglas was "off the boat from Scotland" and never let her family forget it. Nor did she allow compromise when it came to quality. Something that lasted years was worth far more to those who guarded their money closely. Lets face it, it's a Scottish thing! Caledonian Heart is committed to keeping our products made as locally as possible, with components from America and Scotland and assembled in America. This has not always been easy and we are the first to say we stumbled before we walked. However, the support received by our customers has been astounding and we continue to evolve and grow to meet your demands.




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Limited Lifetime Warranty
Caledonian Heart stands behind our products and guarantees them against defects in workmanship and materials. Our items are backed by our limited lifetime warranty for as long as this product is owned by the original purchaser (the warranty is non-transferable) or the immediate owner in the case of items purchased for the purpose of immediate gifting. Please notify us within 30 days the name of the recipient to extend to them warranty coverage.

This warranty does not guarantee against abuse; misuse; neglect; normal wear and tear; unauthorized repair;damage that occurs while the product is in the care or custody of a third party including hotels, airlines, and other carriers. As with all luggage, it should be expeted that component parts will show use over time and may eventually need to be refurbished or replaced. Because this wear occurs normally it is not covered by our warranty. Should a third party damage your luggage, you should immediately file a damage claim with that party.

Though we love our products and feel confident you will as well, there are occasions that qualify for a return. We accept returns within 30 days of purchase for unused items. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable unless the product arrives at your location damaged or an incorrect product was shipped.
All items must be in the same condition in which they where received, in the original box and with appropriate sales receipts. Your credict card will be directly credited for the price of the item and applicable taxes. Credit companies vary on the time it takes for credits to appear on their customers' record. Please allow one to two billing cycles for the refund to appear, depending upon your financial institution.

Shipping Rates
We use a flat rate freight program for all orders under $250.00. See chart below for freight charges:

Order Amount                                          Flat Rate Freight Charges
up to $99.99                                                             $15.00
$100.00 - 199.99                                                      $20.00
$200.00 - 249.99                                                      $25.00
$250.00 and up                                                   10% total order

**** Small orders that may be shipped through the Post Office typically run $6.00 with insurance and we will honor that when able. Bigger items will be shipped through FedEx and the above rates will apply.

*** Items are subject to availability.
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